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Module Integrated Graduate School

The module integrated research training network (Modul Integriertes Graduiertenkolleg – MGK) of the CRC 1349 supports all students individually during their PhD studies to prepare them best for future careers in industry or science. The network is open for all directly CRC-financed PhD students as well as associated PhD students, working in research areas covered by the CRC. Parts of the qualification program are open for others as well.

The three categories of supporting measures are:

Scientific Qualification: All PhD students shall gain a deep understanding of the Fluorine-Specific Interactions targeted in the CRC, of analytical methods and theoretical models in use, and potential applications. Besides extensive project-specific knowledge, all students shall have a broad overview of all aspects of Fluorine-Specific Interactions covered in the CRC. This will also help to initiate new collaborations within the CRC.

Communication and Presentation Training: All PhD students shall be enabled to document, present and communicate their scientific results according to the rules of Good Scientific Practice. This requires skills and experience in scientific writing (of applications and publications) in English and German as well as preparation and presentation of posters, talks and lectures. It also requires critical reflection and discussion of projects/results together with peers. Furthermore, language training shall improve (inter-)national career chances.

Career Development: All PhD students shall receive help in planning their careers in or outside of science, especially at the end of their PhD project. This shall include job application training, mentoring programs, counseling for the preparation of research applications as well as entrepreneur training.

The CRC or partner organizations will provide courses for the PhD students (and in parts for other interested young scientists as well) regarding all three named categories. These measures are accompanied by established rules and quality standards for the individual supervision of each and every student.